Ho'oponopono - The 2006 Huna International Seminar
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Making Things RIGHT!
  Make things RIGHT in your Health
  Make things RIGHT in your Career
  Make things RIGHT in your Family
  Make things RIGHT in your Personal Growth
  Make things RIGHT in your Relationships
  Make things RIGHT in your Finances
  Make things RIGHT in your Spiritual Life
  Make things RIGHT in your Life
  Make things RIGHT in your Community
  Take Your Life Back
  Fix Your Fears
  Get Answers to Your Personal Questions
The Theme for the 2006 International HUNA SEMINAR is “Ho‘oponopono— Making Things Right,” which involves ALL OF YOUR LIFE.
            Right Thinking + Right ACTION = Right Future.
The Huna World Convention is a unique place to learn from multiple teachers and practitioners representing many unique, diverse backgrounds, perspectives, systems, customs, and experiences. You will learn the Many Paths of Huna from Huna Practitioners, who follow those Paths.  HRI members come from all walks of life, from every possible background;  they have different understandings, different interpretations, and different  ideas about  Huna. We come together and  encourage the  dialectic process.  We are bound by our common ‘mixed’ heritage, shared feelings, and common goals.

What Can I Expect from the 2006 Huna Seminar DVD?
  •  • Gain the real-world skills you need today, tomorrow, and beyond!
  •  • How to ask for and get what you need from High Self... when you need it.
  •  • Develop your own personal power!
  •  • Observe and/or participate at your own level and choice.
  •  • How to stop a psychic attack.
  •  • Bring more abundance into your life.
  •  • Get the best of difficulties... instead of letting them get thebest of you!
  •  • Participate in a healing circle and specific action taken bythehealers.
  •  • “Hands-on” workshops with handouts and learning games.
  •  • Learn  how to rein in  your anger and handle  your emotions moreeffectively.
  •  • Fill-in the “missing pieces.”
  •  • Specific Techniques.
  •  • Have enough energy.
  • Item #: HIS-2006

Ho'oponopono - The 2006 Huna International Seminar

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