Energy and Us by Donald G Odum, D.C., and E. Otha Wingo, Ph. D.
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From the preface:

“B.J. Palmer, in his book, The Bigness of the Man Within, spoke of Nerve Energy, Inborn Energy-Function, Innate Energy. The Yellow Emperor’s book, Nei Ching, speaks of “CHI” Energy, Universal Energy-Function.

Doctors of Medicine stimulate or sedate symptoms of disease.

Doctors of Chiropractic influence nerves by stimulation, vitamins, food, rest, and exercise.

Acupuncturists influence meridians by sedation, stimulation, vitamins, herbs, food, rest, and exercise.

Medicine, osteopath, and chiropractic appear to have good control over the blood-vascular system by using their expertise…physiologically, neurologically, influencing the body through INNATENESS.

Universal energy influences mainly the lymphatic system.

Together we have taken GREAT strides. When both have been used, we have seen greater success, because we now have a BETTER VEHICLE.

The system of making a patient healthy and staying healthy has been used an clinically proved over hundreds of centuries. The Middle Kingdom Healer did NOT receive payment when the patients were ill – ONLY WHEN THEY WERE HEALTHY.

As far as is known by this writer (Dr. Odum), this system has never before been in print as a complementary system to all other healing systems.

The system does not treat – it works all the time.

We now present ENERGY AND US.”

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Energy and Us by Donald G Odum, D.C., and E. Otha Wingo, Ph. D.

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